Eli Ben-Sasson


Eli is a Professor at the Computer Science Department at Technion - Israel Institute of Technology. His research includes the theory (math), implementation, and applications of proof systems, including Zero Knowledge (ZK) and Probabilistically Checkable Proofs. As part of this effort he co-founded the Succinct Computational Integrity and Privacy Research (SCIPR) Lab, members of which built the ZK system used by the academic version of Zerocash.

Alessandro Chiesa

UC Berkeley

Alessandro is a faculty member in Computer Science at UC Berkeley. He received his bachelor and doctoral degrees from MIT, and works in theoretical computer science and computer security. His research includes theoretical foundations, practical implementations, and applications of succinct zero knowledge proofs. He has co-founded SCIPR Lab (a cross-institution lab focusing on cryptographic proofs) and is a lead author of libsnark, a C++ library for zkSNARK proofs.

Christina Garman

Johns Hopkins University

Christina is a Cryptography and Computer Science PhD student at Johns Hopkins University. Her research interests are in cryptographic implementations and privacy, and her most recent work is on decentralized anonymous e-cash and credentials, including Zerocoin. She has served on numerous committees, including the Workshop on Bitcoin Research 2015 and USENIX Workshop on Offensive Technologies in 2015.


Matthew Green

Johns Hopkins University

Matthew is an Assistant Professor at Johns Hopkins Information Security Institute and award-winning researcher. He has been largely recognized for his work on privacy-enhanced information storage, anonymous payment systems, and cryptographic engineering. He developed Charm, a Python framework for rapidly prototyping cryptosystems, and libzerocoin, an implementation of the cryptographic routines for Zerocoin. He has served on committees such as the IEEE Security and Privacy Symposium 2015 and Bitcoin 2015 and co-founded the TrueCrypt audit project.


Ian Miers

Johns Hopkins University

Ian is a computer security PhD student at Johns Hopkins University focused on applied cryptography and privacy-preserving cryptographic protocols. His research interests include the relation between cryptography and identity and designing secure systems that are both developer and user friendly. He is also a main developer on the Charm cryptographic library.


Eran Tromer

Tel Aviv University

Eran is a faculty member at Tel Aviv University's School of Computer Science, where he is heading the Lab for Experimental Information Security and is codirector of the Check Point Institute for Information Security. His research is in cryptography and information security, with an emphasis of security risks from physical attacks and untrusted platforms. He cofounded the Succinct Computational Integrity and Privacy Research (SCIPR) Lab, whose cryptographic proof systems underlie Zerocash.

Madars Virza


Madars is a current computer science PhD candidate at MIT, where he focuses on zero-knowledge cryptography. He has had numerous publications on zkSNARKs, a topic that is central to the Zerocash protocol. Madars has presented his work at conferences across the world, including both the 2013 and 2014 International Cryptology Conference.



Nathan Wilcox


Nathan is dedicated to open, secure technologies and has over 10 years of experience in software development, performance analysis, and security audits. Prior to Zcash, he managed development at Least Authority, where he led security audits for Ethereum, SpiderOak, Cryptocat, GlobaLeaks, and other projects. For fun, he enjoys developing tools for Python, Rust, and Ethereum.


Daira Hopwood

Engineer and Protocol Designer

Daira has over 20 years experience as a software engineer, with a focus on security, and is a major contributor to the Tahoe-LAFS project. Ze participated in the standardization of the TLS protocol and Internationalized Domain Names. Daira also found security bugs and design flaws in Java Virtual Machines, wrote code for the Cryptix cryptography library, and completed security audits for the Caja Secure JavaScript project. In hir spare time, ze is designing a capability-secure programming language called "Noether".


Sean Bowe


Sean is a cryptocurrency enthusiast who is excited by the intersection of breakthrough cryptography and software architecture. He built a simulation framework for consensus networks called Simbit and was recognized for simulating the Selfish Mining Attack. He enjoys programming in Rust and is currently creating a session-type system for formalizing network protocols.

Jack Grigg


Jack is a core developer of the I2P anonymity network and lead developer of I2P Android. He has a keen interest in privacy and anonymity research, and enjoys helping other developers create privacy-respecting software. He is also a budding UX enthusiast. In his non-spare time, Jack has completed a PhD in Applied Physics at Lincoln University, New Zealand.


Jack Gavigan


Jack has a background in financial technology, cyber security and trading systems, gained at companies like Deutsche Bank, Credit Suisse and Morgan Stanley (where he also worked as a trader). Jack has previously advised the UK government on digital currencies and blockchain technology.


Jay Graber


Jay is passionate about building technology that decentralizes infrastructure and protects user privacy. Before diving into cryptocurrency development, she worked as a political organizer on campaigns to protect privacy and the open internet.


Ariel Gabizon


For most of his career, Ariel has focused exclusively on theoretical computer science, obtaining a PhD from the Weizmann Institute in 2008. A few years ago he discovered the world of bitcoin and blockchain technology, and sees it as a fascinating potential meeting place of beautiful theoretical computer science ideas and real-world applications. Motivated by this, he shifted his focus in 2014 from pure theory into making tools such as Zero-Knowledge proofs more practical and efficient.

Simon Liu


Simon is a member of the founding team behind the MultiChain blockchain platform. He has over a decade of experience building native applications for Mac OS X and iOS having founded his own software company. He helped form Tokyo HackerSpace, loves disruptive peer-to-peer systems and used to code assembly language demos on the Amiga. Simon is a pragmatic polyglot on both client and server. He holds a BA in Computer Science from Cambridge University and lives in San Francisco, California.

Paige Peterson

User Education and Community Team Lead

Paige has been immersed within the peer-to-peer technology world since 2011. Prior roles with mesh networking and p2p storage startups in addition to organizing the San Francisco Bitcoin Meetup has provided Paige with an appreciation for the diverse applications of decentralized networks. She enjoys exploring ways to simplify explanations of complex topics, hosting crypto parties and is a proud participant in the Free State Project. She has a BFA in Interrelated Media from Massachusetts College of Art and Design.


Linda Naeun Lee

User Experience Researcher

Linda is a user-focused crypto evangelist with a mission to make encryption technologies widely adopted and easier to use. Before Zcash, she led the UX team at Tor Project, an open network that defends against network surveillance and censorship. She has a master's degree in Computer Science with an emphasis on security and user research from UC Berkeley.

Zirui Zhang

Asia/Pacific Community and Business Development

Zirui cares deeply about privacy and internet security, and has spent over five years working in the digital currency space. She is thoroughly connected with the Asian cryptocurrency community.

Ryan Taylor

Web Developer and Translations Coordinator

Ryan has several years of experience as a freelance web developer and livestream video producer with a focus on open source and decentralization technologies. In the cryptocurrency industry specifically, his experience includes Bitcoin Magazine, Ethereum and Alexandria. Operating as a remote contractor for open source projects and as an autonomous media node satisfies his craving to create and share information about new communication ideas and tools while supporting the projects that inspire him.


Hugh Khan

Engineering Manager

Hugh has extensive experience in scaling startups into global technology firms. He has been building high functioning software development teams for over 25 years. Hugh has been either a founding member or a key contributor for technology startups his whole career. Startup areas included AI, mobile computing, Enterprise Content Management, business process automation, vertical online communities, e-commerce, DRM, insuretech and fintech. Hugh believes that decentralization, AI, IoT and AR together are quickly reaching a critical mass which will lead to an utter disruption of every industry in the global economic system. In such a highly dynamic business environment, winning strategies are those that are formed on a continuous basis, resulting from every team member taking an active part in the creation and execution of supporting strategic activities. Hugh firmly holds that hiring well is the single most important strategy; even above strategic positioning.

Brad Miller


Brad is a generalist engineer with a background in software engineering, mechanical design, and engineering physics. He is excited about the abundance of opportunities in the cryptocurrency space and their potential for massive impact. Brad is most passionate about bringing cryptocurrency to the masses by solving the challenges around usability and user experience. He holds a B.S. in Engineering Science and Mechanics from Virginia Tech and is currently working on an M.S. in Computer Science from Georgia Tech focusing on Machine Learning. He lives in Fort Collins, Colorado.

Marshall Gaucher


As a Software Engineer, Marshall has primarily worked with RF4CE technologies to develop some of the first voice recognition products in the broadband industry. He also brings a strong academic foundation with studies ranging from Mobile Computing to Robotics. Now, he is eager to pioneer new frontiers in the “Wild West” of Cryptocurrency.

Ian Munoz


Ian is an economist and developer with a background in high performance research computing, infrastructure, and reproducible software. He is passionate about encryption, privacy and decentralization. In his free time he dabbles in the Linux kernel, works on containerization, and plays in the outdoors!

Charlie O'Keefe


Charlie has been programming since fourth grade, majored in math and computer science at the Colorado School of Mines, and has worked in the defense, education, healthcare, and energy industries. Throughout all of that, his interests gravitated to decentralization and privacy technologies, and he is very excited by the opportunity to contribute in those areas at Zcash!


Eirik Ogilvie-Wigley


Eirik graduated from CU Boulder in 2012 with a degree in mathematics. He has several years experience developing software in a professional setting, and has been a hobbyist programmer since he was a child. In his spare time Eirik enjoys doing abstract algebra, and is excited to bring his skills, experience, and enthusiasm to the Zcash team.

Josh Swihart

Marketing Director

Josh does technology and marketing, mostly. Prior to Zcash, he served as the SVP of Global Marketing for K2, a high-growth tech company. He has also served as a global practice principal for EMC, the CEO of Aspenware, and was the cofounder of a couple other companies with exits to Accenture and EMC. He began his career as a software developer, data recovery specialist and BBS sysop. Josh has received numerous global and national awards for leadership, marketing and solution delivery.


George Tankersley


George is a cryptography engineer at Zcash, where he now works on turning math into magic internet money. He's spent the last few years deploying cryptography at Internet scale, contributing to the design of new protocols and to open source ecosystem projects like Certificate Transparency and Kubernetes. Prior to that he worked on a Linux distro, ran a small startup, worked as a pentester, and briefly took up blacksmithing.


Gavin Andresen

Bitcoin Foundation

Gavin is Chief Scientist at the Bitcoin Foundation and a former lead developer of Bitcoin. With over 25 years of software experience, he has headed a variety of projects, including co-founding a company that created multiplayer games for the blind and working as a lead developer at TruCoin.


Vitalik Buterin


Vitalik is the Founder and Chief Scientist of Ethereum. He is also both the Founder and a writer for Bitcoin Magazine, a venture that marked the beginning of his career in crypto in 2011. He is interested in creating secure, efficient, and trustworthy systems and advises a number of projects in the crypto space.


Arthur Breitman


Arthur specializes in algorithmic trading, financial cryptography, and machine learning. He is currently working on Tezos, a generic and self-amending crypto-ledger. Prior to this work, he applied his skills at several large financial firms, including Goldman Sachs.


Joseph Bonneau

Stanford University, EFF

Joseph is a postdoctoral researcher at Stanford University and a Technology Fellow at Electronic Frontier Foundation. His research focuses on web security, cryptographic currencies, and applied cryptography, and his research has been published in top conferences and journals across the globe. He won the 2015 Best Reviewer Award (IEEE Security and Privacy) and the 2015 Best Student/Postdoctoral Paper Award (2015). He received his PhD from Cambridge University.


Gordon Mohr


Gordon is the creator of Thunkpedia and former technical lead for the Internet Archive's web archive projects. He also founded Bitzi, which served as a crowdsourced 'card catalog' about files on peer-to-peer networks.


Brian Warner


Brian is a security engineer and software developer, having worked at Mozilla on Firefox Sync, the Add-On SDK, and Persona. He is co-founder of the Tahoe-LAFS distributed encrypted file store, and develops secure storage and communication tools.


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